4 Tips for Crowdfunding Your Book

Technology has enabled writers to discover unique ways to self-publish their works, and many writers are using crowdfunding as one of those means. Crowdfunding is simply the practice of funding a project by raising money via the internet or through fundraising. Whether your book is in the works or has been completed, supporters — both known to you and unknown — can financially support your production efforts on your road to being published. Crowdfunding can also help you to promote yourself as an author and attract new fans. Here are some tips that can help you get started.

Crowdfunding Your Book ProjectTip 1: Rally an initial team of supporters who will back you with this project. They do not have any investments at stake, although they may donate as well. They are simply helping you to get the word out about your crowdfunding project.

Tip 2: Choose a platform. This is the place where the financial exchanges will take place. There are very useful websites such as Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, and a number of others, that will allow you to set up a page for your project. Potential funders will go to this website in order to make their donation.

Tip 3: Devise a marketing strategy for the crowdfunding of your project. Getting the word out is the key to crowdfunding success. It not only helps you promote your project, but it creates a great level of anticipation as well. When people donate to the crowdfunding project, they become aware of your work and can begin to anticipate its completion. Fans of your previous work(s) are then able to not only fund the project.

Social media has been proven to be the best way to promote your project. This will also help to build your fan base which is a great advantage to taking this route. Social media also makes it easier for supporters to tell others about your project and share the crowdfunding website with others.

Tip 4: Set a low minimum donation requirement. One of the many benefits to using crowdfunding to fund your project is that the minimum donation requirement can be very low. People do not have to feel obligated to put in their live savings but can still help you, even if it is just a dollar donation. So start your donations off low. This will benefit both you and the fans of your work.

This is an opportune way for talented writers who do not have the funds to publish their finished work to get their book into print. crowdfunding is a great way to help you get your book published. No longer should writers to get discouraged about finances. There are now new creative ways for the writer to not have to focus on funds, but simply their writing.

– Jaden B.

For over a decade, Jaden B. has been covering writing, publishing, and technology topics. She currently resides in Atlanta and is working on her next novel.


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