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Looking for a Freelance Editor?

Freelance Editors for Hire
Professional Freelance Editors, Proofreaders, Indexers and Researchers Need a skilled editor or proofreader? Reach out to the experienced professionals below, [...]

Take Our Writers Conference Survey

Your responses to this survey will aid us in deciding the future of Black Writers Reunion & Conference. We thank you for your interest and your continued [...]

How To Include Your Personality in Your Writing

What does it really mean, including your personality in your writing? How can writers reflect aspects of their personality through their words? Unlike [...]

5 Must-Know Rules for Writing Your First Book

5 Must Know Rules for Writing Your First Book
By CJ Childress While on your way to total #BOSSBABE dominance a little itch strikes you... You've caught on to the idea that being an author can boost [...]

4 Tips for Crowdfunding Your Book

Crowdfunding Your Book Project
Technology has enabled writers to discover unique ways to self-publish their works, and many writers are using crowdfunding as one of those means. Crowdfunding [...]

Call for Proposals

Black Writers Events invites you to contribute your ideas, experience, and expertise at our 2016 retreat. While proposals on all topics will be considered, we [...]

An Interview with Tia Ross, Founder of Black Writers Events

Tia Ross
Tia Ross, founder and director of Black Writers Events, was recently featured among Women Making History in honor of Women's History month. In this insightful [...]

Writing a Novel In Under a Year

Black Writers - Write a Novel in Under a Year
Make no mistake, writing and publishing a novel is no small feat. The elite class of people who have accomplished this — either by traditional or [...]

Best Software Programs for Writers

Great Dialogue writing software
In this article we discuss several of the best software programs designed for fiction writers. These programs aim to help save writers hours of time in [...]

The Black Writers Family Mourns the Loss of Gwynne Forster

Gwynne Forster, literary behemoth and longtime BWRC family, has passed on. Her best-selling and critically acclaimed works are lyrical brilliance, done with [...]