Best Software Programs for Writers

In this article we discuss several of the best software programs designed for fiction writers. These programs aim to help save writers hours of time in addition to offering a plethora of benefits that writers may find immensely useful.

Great Dialogue

Great Dialogue writing softwareNothing sinks a novel faster than poor dialogue. This software from WordPower Technologies contains a repository of thousands of samples of the best dialogue from videos, television, and books. Many of these offer a detailed analysis. This software offers 101 dialogue practices and techniques so that you can learn by seeing great dialogue in action, which can help you to improve your dialogue skills. The cost of the software is a winner since, at $20, it isn’t expensive. (Windows)


Ideal for beginners, NewNovelist enables you to break down the process of novel writing into manageable chunks. The program helps newbies to get organized while offering writing advice and creative inspiration. (Windows, $29)


WriteItNow is a creative writing tool that aims to help the writer to easily organize writing and background materials. It basically acts as a cloud, which means you can get rid of all of those sticky notes and scraps of paper and manage your story and historical material (figures, areas, functions, and descriptions) in one single place. (Windows/Mac, $70)


With this free storywriting software, you manage your novel as a ‘project’ into chapters and scenes, adding sections to the undertaking, locations, heroes, objects and then moments. Organize a visual format of your work, a storyboard watch, and more. (Windows, $0)


Designed to support the writer through the entire process, Scrivener enables you to outline and structure ideas, manage and view research, keep notes, and storyboard your work on a virtual corkboard and more. (Mac, $45; Windows, $40)

Dramatica Pro and Dramatica Story Expert

Dramatica software for writersOne of the more popular programs for writers, Dramatica (Pro for Windows/Dramatica Story Expert for Mac) can be a complete fiction writing tool. It’s a bit like having a coach working with you as you write. You will be ready to cast and build your characters, plot, subjects, and your history, and fit all of it together into scenes. While’s a bit more expensive, unfortunately it doesn’t write your story for you. It does, however, make you think by offering suggestions you might not have considered. (Pro, $129; Story Expert, $159)

While few of these software programs are free, sometimes it’s worth investing in software that will make your job as a writer easier. Buying a program that can achieve this can undoubtedly be one of those investments that enhance your production along with your bottom line for years to come.


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  1. Has anyone used gofundme to help publish their first novel? If so, what lessons can you share? I’m planning a marketing plan to pull in some associates to support me. How can I make my funding effort a success?

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