The Black Writers Family Mourns the Loss of Gwynne Forster

Gwynne Forster, literary behemoth and longtime BWRC family, has passed on.

Her best-selling and critically acclaimed works are lyrical brilliance, done with only the thoughtful flair of a seasoned professional.

An inaugural Black Writers Reunion & Conference (BWRC) workshop presenter and participant, Gwynne has flawlessly delivered such courses as:

Ideas, Theme & Premise (2000)
Getting Started on a Novel (2006), and 
Scene & Setting (2010) 

Gwynne Forster (pictured with Mathew Wilson) BWRC 2008

Gwynne Forster (pictured with Mathew Wilson) Black Writers Reunion & Conference Tampa 2008

It was Gwynne, in fact, who encouraged and supported the continuation and expansion of BWRC, telling us to continue producing quality events for Black writers “no matter what.”

Gwynne was a pivotal and inspirational member of the BWRC family. The consummate professional, she served equally as mentor, workshop facilitator, and most important, friend.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” ― Louis L’Amour

Thank you, dear Gwynne, for being our wellspring.

– Black Writers

Gwynne Forster leading a workshop at Black Writers Reunion & Conference 2010 Atlanta

Gwynne Forster leading a workshop at Black Writers Reunion & Conference Atlanta 2010

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