Writing Comedy with Sister Betty Creator

You’re a “little left to center,” somewhat strange or often told you need therapy for that wacky gene that dominates your being. Perhaps you should parlay all that quirkiness into comedy writing. Being funny in print requires different techniques than humoring orally. This workshop will help you to filter through life’s funny moments to decide what to put on paper, discover and develop your unique comedic voice. You’ll learn the principles and elements of comedy and how to convey a humorous event taken from the oral delivery to the written using setup and delivery techniques.

SPEAKER: Pat G’Orge (pronounced Gee-or-jay) Walker, the “First Lady of Gospel Comedy” and author of the award-winning Sister Betty series (SisterBetty.com), is an accomplished author and comedienne. She is a former record industry veteran who has worked for Epic, Def Jam, and Columbia. She also performed with the legendary 60s girl group “Arlene Smith and the Chantels” as well as with gospel groups.

DATE/TIME: Friday, August 31, 2012 – 10:10 a.m.

LOCATION: Black Writers Reunion & Conference 2012
Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
321 N. Fort Lauderdale Boulevard (Route A1A)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33319

Comedy Writing” is one of 30+ hands-on workshops, lectures, and classes offered through the 2012 Black Writers Reunion & Conference, North America’s foremost literary event for Black writers and editors since 2000.


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