Black Writers aims to promote established freelance copy, line and developmental Black editors and proofreaders and connect our audience of writers with qualified professionals capable of delivering exceptional, high-quality results. Freelancers must have a proven track record of at least three years’ book editing and proofreading experience for consideration. Those with pertinent academic, vocational training or other related professional experience may also apply.

Our editor directory is the top-ranked Google result for “black editors” keyword searches. This directory includes freelance or independent editing professionals with websites or social media profiles that clearly highlight their expertise in their indicated areas of specialization. The purpose is to present a list of professional, established editorial resources with a compelling overview of qualifications. Our goal is to reduce the number of Black writers being taken advantage of by unethical individuals posing as editors and simultaneously improve the quality of self-published African-American literature. We also have editors who specialize in editing and proofreading blogs, technical documents, medical literature, legal documentation, and marketing and business materials. We are committed to promoting to the Black writing community only those editors who warrant consideration.

If you would like to apply, submit an application.