Retreats (12)

Q. Who may attend the retreat?
A. Our retreat is perfect for those who have an idea for a book and need guidance getting it successfully into print as well as established authors who simply want a relaxing environment in which to write. Participants are expected to:
– be serious about working on a piece of writing
– currently have a work in progress or one you would like to start during the retreat
Q. Why do I have to apply to attend?
A. Our retreats are geared toward serious writers who have a work in progress, i.e. have begun outlining, writing or completed the first draft of a novel or nonfiction book for which they intend to seek publication or plan to self-publish.

BWE aims to serve and support those who take their writing seriously, actively seeking to improve and build upon skills and knowledge they already have. We offer these writers the opportunity to receive feedback on their work, both from other serious writers as peers and from professional/multi-published authors and editors, and we strive to ensure that attendees have reached a level that would make the most benefit of these opportunities and the time they spend with us and each other. Prospective attendees start by sharing their goals in their applications. This helps us to ensure that our program will propel them toward achieving said goals.

While this retreat program is not for the would-be writer who would like only to “have been published” or that simply wish to come and hang out among other writers, we do offer other programs from time to time for them. As the retreat spans only a few days, we must move at a certain pace and provide information of specific relevance and benefit for our attendees to get the return on their investment that we promise.

At the same time, however, we do not exclude would-be writers, advanced writers or writers who prefer to work alone from joining us. We do not charge any fees for those who simply wish to stay at the resort with us or mingle with our group on the resort property outside of program activities.

Q. Sounds great! How do I apply?
A. Visit Registration, download and submit the registration form and payment.
Q. By what date must I register?
A. Dates for any events in the works will be posted on the registration page.
Q. What if I am not ready to share my work?
A. “Sharing” and “partnering” at our retreats does not mean you are “required” to share part of your work if you’re not comfortable with doing so.
Q. What if I just want to attend to write and not participate in the programs?
Any writer who wishes to take advantage of the opportunity to get away to our beautiful destination locations and write among fellow writers but does not wish to participate in the retreat program is also welcome to join us. If you simply want to enjoy the resorts on the same dates, our group rate is available to you as well. There is no application or registration fee. We ask only that you do register with us. Contact if interested in this option.
Q. Will there be vendor/exhibitor opportunities available?
A. Exhibitor space are not typically available at our retreats, but we continue to accept materials for distribution at our resources booth. Inquire at
Q. What expenses should I expect to have in order to attend?
A. Expenses may include registration, lodging, transportation, and dining. There are no hidden or other fees associated with our events.
Q. Can I register at the door?
A: No, advance registration is required.
Q. Does the full registration fee include the hotel room?
A. Accommodations are offered with the registration fee. You may select a private room or a shared (double) room at a discounted rate. See Accommodations for more information.

Attendance (8)

Q. I'm not Black. Can I attend?
A. Absolutely. We enthusiastically welcome ALL writers of ALL races and ethnicities. The name of our events is not intended to exclude anyone but to distinguish our organization as one that offers professional education and enlightenment to a specific target demographic that we aim to uplift, empower, and serve—the same strategy as with any successful business model.
Q. I will be unavailable during part of the event. Am I required to attend the whole event?
A. You aren’t required to attend any specific portion of the event; however, no refunds or adjustments can be offered for partial attendance.
Q. How should I dress?
A. Summer in Palm Springs is typically very hot (high 90’s/low 100’s). Dress with that in mind as well as taste and comfort. Jeans, sundresses, t-shirts, and other casual clothing are all fine. And don’t forget to bring comfortable walking shoes and poolside attire.
Q. May I use my laptop in workshops and sessions?
A. Absolutely. We do ask attendees to mute the sound to minimize distractions to speakers and other attendees. Laptops must be battery-powered as electrical outlets may not always be available in the meeting rooms for laptop use.
Q. May I bring food or beverages into workshops and sessions?
A. Beverages are allowed in sessions, but we request that attendees be mindful of and avoid bringing food that may distract others (e.g. strong aroma, noisy packaging, crunchy).
Q. What if I need to cancel?
A. Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Cancellation fees and deadlines apply as outlined on registration materials.
Q. Is there an age requirement to attend?
A. There is no age requirement to attend our events. We offer information and encouragement to writers of all ages who endeavor to pursue their creative writing dreams. We have offered full scholarships (the Young Writers Award) in the past and continue to encourage high school and college students to apply and attend.
Q. Must one be a published writer to attend?
A. Definitely not. Our events are for writers of all levels of experience — beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Conference (4)

Q. What is BWRC?
A. BWRC is the Black Writers Reunion & Conference, a national touring conference founded in 2000 to educate and improve the skills of aspiring to intermediate writers and editors by offering a broad range of sessions and workshops on the art and craft of creative, freelance, and professional writing.
Q. Will there ever be another BWRC?
A. The last conference was held in 2012, but we would consider reviving it with the right team in place. Skilled event planners are encouraged to apply.
Q. Where has BWRC been held?
A. 2000: Atlanta, Georgia
2001 & 2006: Dallas, Texas
2008: Tampa, Florida
2009: Las Vegas, Nevada
2010: Atlanta
2012: Fort Lauderdale
Q. What are the requirements for a BWRC location?
A. The conferences are typically held in or near major metropolitan areas with large populations of African-American writers. Costs, logistics, and ease of accessibility are key considerations.

Tips for Attendees

Q. What should I bring with me?
A. • Comfortable, professional (business casual) attire
• Notebook and pens and/or laptop, digital recorders or other supplies/equipment for taking notes
• A one-sentence summary of what your book is about (memorize it!)
• Knowledge of the presenters (take some time to read their bios on the website, interviews and profiles in the blog, and visit their websites)
• Social or business cards with information such as your name, email, social media, and website addresses, photo, etc.
• Writing samples such as clips, a work-in-progress or manuscript
• Materials specific to critique sessions if you sign up to participate
• Tote bag

Name badges will be provided upon check-in, but you are welcome to bring your own unique badge if you wish.


If you have a question that is not yet answered here, feel welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist.