How To Include Your Personality in Your Writing

personalityWhat does it really mean, including your personality in your writing?

How can writers reflect aspects of their personality through their words?

Unlike actors, speakers and performers, writers only have their words to create the magic, the drama and reflect all those emotions that are a part of their personality. It is important to reflect your own traits and passions through your writing because that is the only way you can be true to your vocation and discover your great potential.

Take a look at this passage:

I was panicking so badly that my hands begin trembling, and as I made my way towards the court room, my mind was racing with all the things I was going to say to plead my innocence. I opened the bottle of water I was carrying, but my agitation and nervousness did not let more than two gulps pass through my throat.

Now read this one:

I was worried and upset as I made my way to the courtroom. I took a few gulps of water, but I was too nervous to feel thirsty.

Do you notice any differences?

Even though it is obvious that both the passages talk about the same person headed to a courtroom, but we have enough evidence to jump to the conclusion that while the first writer is expressively descriptive, the second one seems to be a man of few words.

    Here are some tricks that can help you:

  • Devour more literature and books so that you can discover the personalities and traits of other writers. This will naturally help you discover your own personality, and absorb words and phrases that can be ideal to incorporate your traits in your writing.
  • Write as much and as often as you can, because the more you will write, the greater your talent will become, and hence, you will become smarter at mirroring your personality in your words.
  • Keeping a daily journal can help you learn more about your personality. Since your journal will be private, it will bring out your personality in your writing without any inhibitions or fear, and help you learn about your own writing traits and characteristics.
  • Reading out loud is another trick that has helped some of the greatest actors, writers and speakers. Listening to your own words or perhaps a book out loud in your own voice allows you to include your own personality in what you are reading. And this will ultimately help you in discovering your own personality as a writer.

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