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BWRC shines the spotlight on dual workshop facilitator, Dr. Linda Beed. Dr. Beed will be presenting Investment Writing and M.A.D. Writing (Making a Difference With Your Writing) at the 2012 Black Writers Reunion & Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

What would you like attendees to know about you, your background, strengths, or interests that are not included in your bio?
What I’d like people to know about me is that I care enough to reach out to others. As an independent publisher I learned fast that there is strength in support and shared knowledge. I have a passion for the written, spoken and performing arts. Embracing creative ways to take the word to the masses, I believe is the responsibility of those entrusted with the gift.

How did you get started writing/publishing/etc.?
I’ve always written, but my first step toward publication came after I entered a short story contest. My decision to independently publish came after I saw what publishers wanted to turn my story into.

Who is one author that you look up to and why?
Maya Angelou tops my list of many. She does because at the crossroads of my life, her undiluted words reached out, embraced and encouraged me.

How did you master the topics you’ll be presenting at BWRC?
‘Investment Writer and Writing M.A.D.’ came from listening to the readers. We all know that there’s not a story written that hasn’t been told. That being the case, it becomes the responsibility of the writer to take that familiar tale and make it uniquely their own. Similarly, one must ask themselves if their writing is making a difference in the lives of their readers. If not, why?

If you were to describe your upcoming session/presentation in one word, what would it be?

Who is your session particularly suited for, i.e., what interests, experience, skill level should they have to benefit most from your session?
My sessions are geared toward the beginning and intermediate writer. Their most beneficial skill will be their desire to succeed.

At what other writers’ conferences have you presented a session?
I’ve previously presented at the Faith Based Arts Conference, Romantic Times, Romance Slam Jam and The Write Plan workshops.

What advice would you give to someone who has never attended a writers’ conference?
Take the time to acknowledge your needs and your wants. From the course catalog select a balance of courses that will meet both needs. I also suggest that attendees come with an expectation of learning, sharing and connecting with literary professionals who have their best interest in mind. And of course, plan to have fun.

If 2012 will not be your first, what was your first experience with BWRC?
My first experience with the BWRC elevated my expectations in what a writer’s conference can be.

What keeps you coming back to BWRC?
I return to the BWRC because of its continuing education value for beginning and seasoned authors.

What do you believe separates BWRC from other writers’ conferences?
In my opinion what separates the BWRC from other conferences is its focus upon the needs of the attendees rather than that of featured speakers.
Dr. Linda Beed
What are some of the projects you have in the works? Are there any in particular you’d like us to look out for in the near future?
This year I have completed two new projects; the first being the upcoming release of my novel, Through the Fire from On Assignment Publications. The second is my one-woman monologue, Tell Them, which is being adapted into a one act stage play. Tell Them depicts the last day of Denise McNair, the youngest victim of the 1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, the mother left to preserve her legacy, and extends a message of hope to others. My ongoing project is The Write Plan. This series of workshops is geared toward teaching the business side of the industry.

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
The best piece of advice any author can receive is that they take the time to learn the business side of the industry.

What is something you wish someone would have told you about being an author/publisher/playwright/poet/producer/etc.?
This may sound odd, but I wish someone would have told me that not following industry spin and trends will not make you a failure.

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  1. for over ten years and over time, I have reached many of my professional and personal goals by working with her. So, I have a very good life / writing balance, however attending this workshop also gave me some new ways of measuring the time I put into work, writing, family and friends, community, fun, spirituality, self-care and personal growth. It was also an opportunity to see how other writers who run households and raise families also manage their writing /life balance. In all honesty, I don’t know how they do it. I’m flat out looking after myself!

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