Call for Proposals

Black Writers Events invites you to contribute your ideas, experience, and expertise at our 2016 retreat. While proposals on all topics will be considered, we [...]

Live the Writer's Life AND Pay the Bills

Yes, you CAN write AND get paid. Renee Flagler will teach you how to successfully develop your writing career in a way that allows you to walk away from your [...]

Writing Comedy with Sister Betty Creator

You’re a “little left to center,” somewhat strange or often told you need therapy for that wacky gene that dominates your being. Perhaps you should [...]

Format Your Book for eReaders

By year end 2012, at least 28.9 million eReaders are projected to be in the hands of 12% of adult Americans nationwide (source: Is your book [...]

Weaving Real-Life Stories Into Your Novels The Ethical Way

Many authors, including this session speaker, weave real-life experiences, events, and people into their fiction. Depending on the degree of ‘real-life’ [...]

The Anatomy of a Bestseller

Anyone can claim it, but what makes your book a legitimate bestseller? How do you build a buzz that gets people talking and makes your book stand out from the [...]

Is Your Bio, One Sheet, About Page Web Noise?

What’s so special about you? Can you answer that honestly … in less than 30 seconds? This workshop will lead you through the anatomy of persuasive copy, [...]

Pitching the Right Publisher

This interactive session with a publishing executive and literary consultant will expose you to the finer details as well as the must-dos and don’ts in [...]