I loved every single moment of the conference from the second I walked into the hotel lobby. WOW! “We” have a reputation of not sharing information with each other. Well, BWRC laid that stereotype to rest. I felt like I approached a spring after a long journey on a desert. I couldn’t drink in the information fast enough.

“Don’t buy everything at once.” This statement jumped up, stood in my face and wagged its finger at me while it came out of presenter Nakia Laushaul’s mouth during the “Write Some Cents into It” workshop.

“You are a brand.” Who me? Me, Aynoit Ashor. I am a brand?!? This statement still rings in my mind on a daily basis. Readers expect a certain story from the pages of my books. After I left Renee Flagler’s “Marketing the Write Way” workshop, I had so many ideas that I had to sit down and make a to-do list on where to begin!

“We are responsible for the seeds we plant on the earth.” ~Sharon Ewell Foster. This sister inspired me beyond belief in her “Christian Writing” workshop. She said so many things that honestly changed the way I think, not only about writing but about life. I now know my seeds will be roses and not weeds.

Stacy Hawkins Adams and Sharon shared information with me during the critique session that had me reevaluate the current story I am writing. Shoot, the entire conference made me take a step back and look at it all over again. I am going to spruce up my story and it’s going to be awesome because of you, the speakers at BWRC and the other authors in attendance.